Sujoy Ghosh

What I feel is, more than the sport, it's about a human being. Right now I'm seeing a story of redemption, of Rocky in a cricket field. The lead is trying to better himself and he has to choose between his sport and his life, which has great emotional value. It's great storytelling—we all want to see a journey that makes us feel good.

RJ Stutee

When I read The Fixer, my first thoughts were that this novel is almost like a Bollywood film and is very visual in its reading. Suman Dubey is a brilliant writer who beautifully brings out the human vulnerability in this novel. If you love cricket, films, and books, you must definitely try and get your hands on this novel !

Aakash Chopra

Match-fixing has got very little to do with money and more to do with compulsion for all we know. I’ve only heard about match-fixing but was never approached to fix a match so I wanted to know exactly what happens, even if it’s a fictional account. And as we all know, fiction is not too far from reality which makes The Fixer by Suman Dubey a very insightful story on match-fixing.

Imtiaz Ali

The Fixer has the feel of a good and easy read that has what it takes to be a bestseller. The intriguing cover page with a man donning a helmet, who has to be a cricketer, along with the title ‘The Fixer,’ makes the intent of the book very clear. I am very proud of Suman Dubey and I hope to see this novel becoming a movie someday!

RJ Rishi

This is the first time I've seen a novel with a trailer, and I think that Suman Dubey has not written a book, he has directly written a screenplay. Seeing the fiction put to words so beautifully, it seems like the author has lived through the lead character's journey. The Fixer truly looks like an amazing story!.


"We can't turn the clock, but we can try to make sense of the future." This book is captivating, thrilling, and well-analyzed from a cricket point of view. The characters are interesting with a myriad of traits. The plot is quite exciting and one of a kind.

Laeba Haider

The story is one of family drama, backstabbing, match-fixing, betrayals, and truth. If you, like me, are a person with zero interest in this sport, that's absolutely no issue. While the story might revolve around match-fixing, it does not dwell too much on cricket and it's specifics and hence, was exciting, new, and unique for the reader that I am.


Author Dubey has presented both the good and bad sides of these characters to help us understand them in a better way. Also, the way the story begins with a highly tense incidence makes the reader instantly connected with the story. It is written in such a brilliant manner that you will witness the same thrill you felt watching the latest T20 matches

Shruti Mishra

The narration is very interesting and good narrative style is what makes the thriller better. So in my opinion, narration and description of scenes are clear. Thriller is my all time favourite and I really love to read different kinds of thriller. This book really left imprints on my mind. Really loved it..

Md Akhlaq

The Fixer is a movie material book. A very unique account on match-fixing. What a captivating insight into the life of a languished cricketer striving for salvation. Very stimulating storyline. Full of thrills and mystery.

Siddhant Agarwal

The book has a very interesting and engaging storyline. There is an element of mystery that unveils in the end and I am extremely happy with the way things unfolded. The climax of the book was quite interesting, and it closed the story with a wonderful clap.


'Mind games and betrayals made the book very interesting and at one point, you wouldn't even expect the outcome.This book would be a favorite for people who loved 'The White Tiger', as both are set in the same premise but with different stories. Simple writing and colloquial language makes it a much easier read.


It is a character centred story with an unpredictable nature. At first glance, we can't judge any character but as it proceeds the creativity shows how they are connected. A truly gem art of character building. The narration is also cool. It drives the attention from one scene to another perfectly and the use of conversations make a difference to understand the story..